Lubrano the beauty queen?

Members of the public and private sector are expressing surprise and anger at the pardon granted to former Baninter manager Vivian Lubrano. Though initially the anger was directed at the fact that Lubrano had not served the minimum percentage of her sentence and that the Pardons Committee was not informed of the decision before the announcement, the latest reports have added fuel to the fire. El Caribe reports that Lubrano, who claimed she could not serve her sentence at Najayo because of medical reasons, was seen at a beauty salon only moments after the pardon was announced and then attended a family party. It seems to many that her pardon miraculously cured Lubrano or raises suspicion that her health ailments were in fact a jail evasion ploy.

Artagnan Perez Mendez, lawyer for the Monetary and Finance Authority says the decision by the President is a “joke that has angered the public because it freed a person who only spent days in jail, and who is partially responsible for the biggest fraud the nation has ever seen. She is directly responsible for the RD$27 million in bank funds that were never returned.” He added that in the next constitutional reform the power to pardon should be removed from the Executive Branch’s power and given to the Supreme Court. Finjus Vice President Servio Tulio Castanos said the decision confirms the notion that the law is a myth in the DR.