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Adrian Tropical Christmas

It’s a Green Christmas at Adrian Tropical restaurants with the launch of a booklet on Latin American and Dominican Christmas traditions. Visitors to the restaurant this week and especially on weekends in the Christmas season may receive a “Green Christmas” collection of poems on Christmas by Salome Urena, Fabio Fiallo and Ruben Dario, among others. The booklet also includes Dominican recipes and a coloring book section for the children. Marketing director Pedro Amoros says that the initiative seeks to tell Dominicans and visitors what is different about the Dominican celebration of Christmas. Christmas music plays at the Dominican food restaurant and special combos of “pollo a la puya” and “cerdo a la puya” are served on Fridays. But there will also be Christmas specials every day: stewed pheasant, grilled pork chops and tropical conch, all served with a Presidente beer.

Kin Sanchez, editor of the booklet, said their aim is for Dominicans to value their own culture. He explained the collection of traditional songs. “Before being global, we have to be national and not lose our own identity,” he said. In the process of researching the booklet they discovered that many great Latin American writers had covered the story of Christmas, “the most beautiful story in the world.”

If you do not get a complimentary booklet with your menu, ask the waiter for a copy.