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DR at spiritual tourism festival

For the first time the Dominican Republic will have a stand at the II Edition of JOSP Fest, Journeys of the Spirit Festival, which embodies a new and in-demand way of traveling. The event will be held at the New Rome Fairs Grounds in Rome from the 14 – 17 January. The Festival is described as “an event that promotes pilgrims and the experiences they go through when they journey with their heart and soul”.

The Dominican Embassy in the Vatican, in Rome, is coordinating the local participation.

The 4-day Festival will present the value-grounded tourism involving journeys to religious and cultural destinations that also have a social and ethical component. The destinations include the main pilgrimage destinations, but also the ancient walkways and roads of Italy, Spain and Europe, as well as the Middle East. These destinations not only help pilgrims to reflect and grow, but they also increase the value of the local territories and the communities of people who live there.

JOSP Fest highlights these destinations and through a series of seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions, a synergy is created among the different options that exist today ensuring that they all contain the ingredients of value-grounded tourism.

To help the tourism industry, for the first time the Festival will also be holding the JOSP trade workshop, focused on business-to-business opportunities. The workshop will begin with presentations of proposals linked to the world of pilgrimages and “Journeys of the Spirit.” Then a group of national and international buyers selected by festival organizer Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) will meet with the tourism operators exhibiting at JOSP Fest in an effort to help grow and expand their operations.

An estimated 100,000 attendees are expected to visit over 400 stands at the event.

See http://jospfest.com/en/Default.aspx