Gonzalez Gonzalez was talking

El Nacional reported yesterday that murdered former Police colonel Jose Amado Gonzalez Gonzalez was the person who tipped off the National Drug Control Department (DNCD) about an SUV containing US$4.6 million belonging to fugitive drug trafficker Jose Figueroa Agosto, parked in a La Esperilla apartment block. The newspaper also reported that Presidential drugs advisor, lawyer Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho) says that the former police officer was murdered because he had threatened to talk about his ties and those of other officers with Figueroa Agosto in exchange for protection or a judicial deal. Castillo also mentioned that 2 DNCD officials, of a total of 5 who have been arrested in the investigation, had met with Gonzalez Gonzalez half an hour before he was murdered upon his arrival to his Torre Serena apartment on Av. Anacaona. Sources told the newspaper that Gonzalez Gonzalez used to be Figueroa’s chauffeur and security chief, but had broken away because he had an intimate relationship with Sobeida Felix Morel, who is thought to be one of the Puerto Rican drug trafficker’s lovers. The source explained that Gonzalez Gonzalez knew all the details of Figueroa Agosto’s operations and lifestyle but had fallen out of favor with him, so Figueroa threatened to kill him. The source added that the former officer was not afraid of Figueroa and was desperately seeking his readmission into the Police, from which he was dismissed in August 2008 for his relations with Figueroa Agosto. He reported Figueroa to the DNCD but Figueroa found out. The source suspects that Figueroa Agosto himself murdered Gonzalez Gonzalez with an AK-47 gun.

“Gonzalez Gonzalez’s attitude towards this drug chief cost him his life. Apparently he had said if he was called he would speak using documents, photographs and videos that he had as proof and I deduce that he tried to negotiate with the authorities, and by maintaining that position, the final order was made to finish him off,” said Castillo. Gonzalez Gonzalez was murdered on 24 December at 5pm outside his apartment at Torre Serena, Avenida Anacaona 67 in Bella Vista. He lived there with his wife Madelin Bernard and their 3 daughters. His wife was also seriously injured and was hospitalized in Clinica Abreu. The authorities removed videos and other documents from a safe in the house and investigators have said the evidence is “very compromising.”