Montes Arache buried at sea

Manuel Ramon Montes Arache has been laid to rest a true hero of the Dominican Republic. President Leonel Fernandez was in attendance as Montes, a fighter in the 1965 Dominican Civil War, was given one of the nation’s highest honors. The title of “National Hero,” was included in decree 918-09, and included the President’s authorization to name the first battalion of the Navy after Montes. The President also honored and recognized the 57 surviving men, “Frog Men,” who fought alongside Montes, during the conflicts of 1965. Montes died at the age of 88.

The ashes of retired Vice-Admiral Manuel Ramon Montes Arache, remembered for his heroic participation in the April 1965 revolution, were scattered in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Santo Domingo on Sunday, according to his wishes.

“In this way the memory of this national hero will not be forgotten by the Dominican people, that his examples of heroism, valor, discipline in the Armed Forces be taken into account by all military personnel of the Dominican Republic, in such a way that none of them will have an excuse to taint the military uniform with evil actions,” said the president of the Constitutionalist Military Foundation, Andres Reyes Fortunato, during the wake at the Blandino Funeral Home. Reyes Fortunato reminded the people that it was the wish of the deceased that a decent pension should be provided to all of the military officers who served the Constitutionalist cause.