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Bonao & Santiago Carnival

This month, the Cibao region is where the action is with carnival celebrations in Bonao, La Vega and Santiago on Sundays. This year carnival is extra elaborate, with beer companies Presidente and Brahma competing for the best carnivals. Brazilian company Brahma beer has taken over the La Vega Carnival while local beer company Presidente has boosted its sponsorship of the Bonao and Santiago carnivals. The schedule for live entertainment outside the carnival parades is:

Wed, 24 Feb. Omega will be performing at the Parque de Bonao.

Fri, 26 Feb. Merengue star Eddy Herrera will be at the Bonao Carnival with a performance at the Bonao park.

Sun, 28 Feb. Merengue music at Bonao Carnival with Julian Oro Duro, Rafelys and Pochy at the Bonao Park.

Sun, 28 Feb. Sergio Vargas closes Santiago carnival with El Prodigio.

Carnival moves to Santo Domingo for the Malecon parade of carnival characters from all over the DR on Sunday, 7 March and then on 14 March, Fernando Villalona will be at the Bonao Carnival along with Los Potros and Miriam Cruz on stage at the Bonao Park.