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Oscar Imbert’s works at MAM

The Oscar Imbert Architecture exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art is an event not to be missed. The exhibition is part of the Architecture Biennial ongoing through 30 November. The curator of the Imbert exhibition is Manuel Blanco, professor of architecture at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid who has presented exhibitions by greats such as Santiago Calatrava, Campo Baeza and Peter Eisenman. Imbert’s extraordinary architecture is captured in photography by Roberto Alvarez. Imbert is best known for his work at Puntacana Resort & Club and for individual residences using thatched roofs and natural materials that are his trademark. In addition to his work at Puntacana, other designs at Cap Cana, Eurotel (Puerto Plata), are on show.

The architecture exhibition is open at the Plaza de la Cultura museum Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 5pm.