Conep and the challenges for 2011

The president of the National Council of Business (Conep) Lisandro Macarrulla said that the great challenges for the country in 2011 are to strengthen political leadership, with changes needed to revert what he described as dwindling political image, reputation and credibility.

We have to lead them to understand that this clientelism model, that is demagogic, and sustained on public policies oriented to achieve short term effects focused on the 2012 presidential election, does not guarantee long term development.

It does not ensure that our political, economic or social stability be guaranteed, he said.

The outgoing president of the leading business organization said that the challenges ahead for 2011 are the reconstruction in Haiti, the accumulated social debt, the high levels of social exclusion and the high levels of poverty, the serious problem of low educational levels, public corruption, drug trafficking and the declining citizen safety.

He called for local leadership and organized society to work towards an integrated social effort, guided by the strong political leadership and a clear definition of the roles that correspond to each sectors in society.

He said the country lives off the wealth generated by the productive sectors, that create worth in society that send signals for sustained stability, creating confidence and friendly environments for investments.

He alerted that the changes in the world economy would bring major social and political consequences that will require strong local leadership to guide the nation to adapt local development to the new challenges.