RD$1.25 billion for Xmas baskets

The rector of the Santo Domingo state university (UASD), Franklin Garcia Fermin criticized that the Presidency spent RD$1.25 billion in Christmas gift baskets while there are no funds for research at the state university, as reported in Diario Libre. He said those funds should have been invested in education.

He called the gift basket custom (these are packed with expensive imported drinks and sweets) embarrassing anywhere in the world.

He said the law establishes the UASD should receive 5% of the national budget and only receives 20% of that. He said the UASD only receives funds to meet its payroll. He said that 50% of the professionals in the country study at the UASD. He said that the UASD with 183,000 students receives RD$100 million.