Cholera now at 120

The cases of cholera now total 120, with five new persons confirmed to have the disease yesterday by the Public Health authorities. Of all infected, only one is in the hospital. The Diario Libre says that the daily report from the Ministry of Public Health indicates that one of the cases belongs to Elias Pina, three to Banica and the other was found in Pedro Santana in the southwest of the country.

According to the official numbers, as of yesterday there had been more than 500 cases reported and the provinces of Santiago, Elias Pina, San Juan de la Maguana, Santo Domingo and Azua have registered the greatest number of cases.

The government recently announced plans to install 1,500 latrines in southwestern poor areas, where cases have been reported.

For background on the cholera epidemic in the DR, see http://www.dr1.com/travelnews/archive/2010/tnews120710.html