Four murder-for-hire gunned down

Four alleged hitmen, three of them said to belong to an international criminal gang, died yesterday and two Police sergeants were wounded in shootings that took place in Gurabo in Santiago and in the barrio of Los Frailes II in the city of East Santo Domingo.

One of the dead has been identified by the Listin Diario as Jose Antonio Pacheco Contreras and/or Eddy Contreras (Saso), 21, who fell in Los Frailes, and who has been named as the person responsible for killing on 10 December the former captain and Santiago businessman, Juan Francisco Santiago Dominguez at the intersection of Winston Churchill and Charles Sumner. In addition, the alleged killer has a criminal record of eight deaths and four persons wounded in different affairs.

In Santiago the Police reported the death of Pedro Elias Vicioso Maguez (Pitts, Peter or Fumao) said to be the head of the gang. The other two dead men were not identified.

Sergeants Bartolo Jimenez and Junior Zarzuela were wounded in the leg and in the face and leg respectively.

The alleged hitmen killed in Santiago were said to belong to a gang of drug traffickers that operate out of Holland.

The Police say that the gang of assassins-for-hire is led by Henry Santiago Martinez Jerez (El Tuerto) who was deported several years ago from the United States.