Look at the DNI chief in Santiago

The Lieutenant (jg) Mario Rafael Breton Santana, the chief of the National Department of Investigations (DNI) in Santiago, is under arrest accused of being the intermediary of the alleged hitman Francisco Carela Castro in an attempt to extort Ramon Antonio Veras (Negro) regarding the delivery of a tape. He is also being investigated for having served as the guarantor for Carela Castro in the leasing of an apartment in February 2005.

The lease agreement, signed as a guarantor by Breton Santana, was also signed by Engels Carela Castro, sentenced to serve 20 years for his assassination attempt on Miguelina Llaverias, the former wife of Adriano Roman, who is also in jail for the same offense. He is accused of being the mastermind of the attempt on the life of Ramon Antonio Veras’ son, lawyer Jordi Veras last 2 June 2010.

The brothers Francisco and Engels Castro Carela installed the offices of “Facsaint Detectives, S.A.” in the apartment located on “O” Street in Embrujo II in Santiago. This agency, according to the Attorney General of the Republic, was hired by Adriano Roman to kill his former wife Miguelina Llaverias. This same agency and its representative, Francisco Carela, are the persons now being held responsible for the extortion attempts that used videos takes in motels in Santo Domingo.

A member of the high level commission of the Dominican Navy contacted by Diario Libre reported that the investigation of Breton Santana was already sent to the Chief of Staff, and it is at that level that statements are authorized.

The same source gave assurances that there will be no soft-peddling in this case. But, it was noteworthy that one of the main charges against Breton Santana is not his ties to the brothers Carela in the lease of an apartment and his participation in the attempt to extort RD$3.0 million from Negro Veras for the delivery of a tape that identifies Adriano Roman as the mastermind behind the criminal attempt against Veras’ son Jordi. No, the main charge is for not reporting the loss of his official sidearm two years ago.