Marinas cocaine connection dismantled

El Dia reports that the National Drug Control Department (DNCD) dismantled a drug ring that operated from marinas located at resorts in the east coast. From there cocaine was being shipped on luxury speed yachts to Puerto Rico, according to El Dia. As reported, to transport the drugs to hotels in Punta Cana, rental cars were used, in order to gain access to the hotels. The drugs were taken to Punta Cana from Boca Chica.

The ring was discovered after 50 packs of cocaine were found in power of Ezequiel Belen Duarte on 9 December. The agents are on the trail of two individuals, one identified as “El Flaco Miguel” described as the employee contacts used to ship out the cocaine on a speedboat named “La Rubia.”

One of the suspects, is an employee of a hotel located in Cabeza de Toro. After the operation was discovered, the Police and DNCD agents followed trails of several suspect to be using marinas in the east to determine how these were sourcing the drugs, via Caucedo Port or in air drops. Belen Duarte is under arrest in Higuey.

As reported ring members paid RD$100,000 for each “service” that Ezequiel Belen Duarte (Danny) did to introduce the drugs into the hotel.

This is the second drug ring dismantled in the east by the DNCD in recent days, according to DNCD reports, says El Dia.

A week ago, eight individuals, three native of La Romana were arrested after they were found in possession of 310 kilos of cocaine that would be shipped to Puerto Rico. They were operating from a leading La Romana resort. Reportedly, that ring was directed by a Puerto Rican and his wife, who are now under arrest.