Santo Domingo was the best!

The president of the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals, Xavier Tudela says that “Santo Domingo has carried out the most complete and successful American Capital of Culture in its history and will be the reference point for future cultural capitals.”

In a statement on 29 December marking the end of the year, Tudela publicly thanked the citizens that contributed to the successful event. He spoke upon announcing that Quito (Ecuador) is the 2011 American Capital of Culture.

Tudela stressed that difference was made because government offices, civic society entities and citizens worked together to make the year such a success.

He concluded that Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic had been extraordinarily reinforced by the exercise of being the 2010 American Capital of Culture.

The American Capital of Culture (www.cac-acc.org) was created in 1998 to promote Interamerican integration, from the cultural perspective and to contribute to the better understanding of the peoples of the American continent, respecting the national and regional diversity, and highlighting the common cultural heritage.

Cultural capitals to date have been: Merida (Mexico) 2000; Iquique (Chile) 2001; Maceio (Brazil) 2002; Panama City (Panama) y Curitiba (Brazil) 2003; Santiago (Chile) 2004; Guadalajara (Mexico) 2005; Cordoba (Argentina) 2006; Cusco (Peru) 2007; Brazilia (Brazil) 2008; Asuncion (Paraguay) 2009; Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) 2010; Quito (Ecuador) 2011, and Sao Luis (Brazil), 2012.