102 deaths over Christmas/NYear holidays

31 persons died due to violence and another 31 died in fatal traffic accidents over the New Year long weekend. During Christmas long weekend 40 deaths were reported, for a total 102 for the Christmas/New Year holiday. This is 20 persons less dead in violent incidents than last year, according to the Center for Emergency Operations (COE) as reported in Diario Libre. The reduction in violent deaths is attributed to the intense prevention work of the Police in vulnerable areas. From Friday, 31 December at 12am to Saturday, 1 Jan at 6am, there were 16 deaths and 61 persons injured. From Saturday at 6am to Sunday at 6am, the number of victims was 15 and 268 in accidents.

For the 24-26 December weekend, 40 persons died, including 38 in traffic accidents and two for alcoholic intoxication. This compares to 29 deaths in 2009.

Thousands of persons who traveled from the capital city and other leading cities to resorts and inner towns to visit friends and relatives returned yesterday afternoon.