The wrong pedal

65-year old Daisy Cordero asked fellow church member 63-year old Juan Arias to help her park her car. What followed was a major tragedy for churchgoers who were preparing to celebrate the ordaining of two priests at the Iglesia San Simon Apostal in Villa Faro, Santo Domingo Este. At 4pm, Father Clemente Furones left to church to receive Monsignor Amancio Escapa who would officiate for the ordaining of Wagner Familia and Robert Pena. El Caribe explained that the priest had bent down at that precise moment to grab some keys from another vehicle that had fallen from his hand.

At that precise moment, Arias mistakenly stepped on the accelerator instead of the break, and penetrated into the entrance of the temple where the priest was with the parishioners. 67-year old Father Furones, was a native of Spain. He made it to the Dario Contreras Trauma Hospital alive but did not survice the brain trauma. Furones was known for his high level of service and cheerfulness.