Was it his wife?

Relatives of murdered businessman Juan Maria de Jesus Santiago Dominguez suspected a hired assassin as the material author of the killing that occurred on 8 December at Av. Charles Sumner in Santo Domingo. Now the intellectual author of the killing is suspect to be his wife, Georgina Lopez, of 34 years, and her suspect lover Benito de Jesus Valdez of 37.

Juan Carlos Santiago, 21 year old, the oldest son of Santiago Dominguez of another marriage, fears that other members of the family could be harmed. He said that he was trailed in Santo Domingo and Santiago.

He said his stepmother seeks to keep all the assets of his father.

Santiago Dominguez had a banana export plant.

Valdez, the supposed lover of Georgina, was the manager of the Santo Domingo and Jimani operations of the company.

The Department of Criminal Investigations of the Police arrested Lopez, Valdez and Eduardo Bienvenido Castillo (Pata de Palo). As reported in Hoy. Pata de Palo admitted to having fired against Santiago Dominguez.

As reported in the Listin, the woman defended her innocence. “I am at peace. We had been married for 11 years. I had no reason to kill my husband, I loved him,” she said. She had a son with Santiago, and together they were raising another boy.