Yubel Enriquez Mendez extradited

Yubel Enrique Mendez Mendez (alias Oreganito) was extradited to New York on 30 December. He is accused by drug control authorities of being a close aide of Puerto Rican drug capo Jose Figueroa Agosto, himself under arrest in Puerto Rico. The DNCD has said his properties are worth more than RD$5 billion at present. He operated freely in the DR despite having been indicted by a New York grand jury in 2006.

The US Embassy extradition request accuses him of being responsible for more than 1,000 kilos in cocaine shipments from 2002 to 2005. US Marshal agents came for the extradition.

El Caribe reports the same agent helped locate and capture Figueroa Agosto in Puerto Rico.

Mendez Mendez voluntarily signed his extradition papers to the US and maintains his innocence. El Caribe reports his fortune was estimated at RD$10 billion in January 2010.