Army arrests 12 drivers with illegals

The Dominican Army has arrested 12 drivers who were transporting illegal Haitian immigrants to the city of Santiago. According to Listin Diario, the chief of the Northern Command of the Armed Forces, headquartered in Santiago, General Francisco Jose Gil Ramirez, spoke to reporters about the operation that focuses on the main highways leading to Santiago from the frontier. He said that 135 undocumented Haitians had been picked up and handed over to the Migration Department for repatriation. At the same time the 12 vehicles used to transport the Haitians were retained.

The high-ranking officer said that the operation was part of the creation of the sanitary corridor instituted by the Ministry of Public Health to prevent the spread of the cholera epidemic that is affecting the neighboring country. The 135 are just a part of the “over 400 that have been reported and repatriated over the past few hours”, according to the general. The arresting officers were accompanied by medical officers who were trained to recognize any symptoms of cholera.