Asisa poll on presidential candidates

Asisa Research Group, a local polling company, revealed that President Leonel Fernandez and former President Hipolito Mejia are the two strongest political contenders for the presidential candidacies into the 2012 presidential election. As reported in Hoy, Fernandez (who is banned from seeking re-election under the 2010 Constitution) has 74% of the vote of party members in a party primary versus Danilo Medina with 16%. In the PRD, the strongest candidate is Hipolito Mejia with 56% versus Miguel Vargas with 43%.

If Fernandez does not run in the primary, Medina would receive 39.8% of the vote, while First Lady Margarita Cedeno would receive 32.5%. Next is Jose Tomas Perez with 3.3% and former senator for Santiago, Francisco Dominguez Brito with 2.3%. Vice President Rafael Alburquerque would receive 1.3% of the votes.