Police arrest baseball scout on forgery charges

The National Police reports that it has arrested the well-known baseball scout Victor Antonio Baez Garcia on charges of fraud and document forgery. The documents in question were for young baseball prospects and used to facilitate the signing of players by Major League clubs. Baez Garcia’s arrest is the latest step taken by the National Police in its attempts to investigate and arrest the people who are selling false hope to young players with promises of signing bonuses.

Victor Baez has been one of the most successful Dominican scouts for MLB and he runs a well-known baseball camp called Liga Naco, located on Las Caobas Street #6 in the Los Prados area. He has sent dozens of prospects to the United States with generous contracts. However, the shady side of the business often deals with large percentages of the signing bonuses going to the agents and given the degree of competition in reaching the top rung of baseball, many shattered dreams.

For the Major League teams, the younger the prospective player is, the greater the chances of the player receiving a large bonus. Thus, there is the temptation of forging papers with altered birthdates.

However, many of the forged documents are identified upon requesting visas for the prospective players at the United States Consulate. At the Consulate, because of the long history of fraudulent documentation by local prospects, the visa candidates are highly scrutinized and any alteration of the documents results in automatic visa denial. In a matter of minutes players lose thousands and possibly millions of dollars. In the case of Victor Baez, his illegal efforts, according to the police, finally caught up with him.