Garbage filter for Ozama and Isabela rivers

Engineer Jose Abel Noboa, urban infrastructure director at the National District Municipality (ADN) has announced that designs are ready for the installation of a net for collecting solid waste before it reaches the mouths of the Ozama and Isabela rivers. The system will have sliding doors to allow vessels to pass through. The net, which will be located between the Ozama River bridges and the Ramon Matias Mella floating bridge, will prevent waste from reaching the Caribbean Sea.

A large box will continuously lift the solid waste and dump it into a truck for disposal on the ground at Villas Agricolas. The system, which will be installed by the AND working with the Navy, will cost US$4 million. He expects the system to retain about 90% of the waste (primarily plastics, bottles and metals) that currently pollutes the Santo Domingo coastline. The completion date is yet to be announced.

Abreu said that a second solid waste mesh would be located near the Navy base to contain the garbage generated by the Villa Duarte neighborhoods. The AND is in conversations with the Santo Domingo East municipality for joint implementation of the project.