DR gets solar energy park

The Public Electricity Corporation (CDEEE) has signed a contract with JRC Electronic for the installation of a solar energy park in Monte Plata province, to the east of Santo Domingo. This is a US$120 million investment by German investors. The CDEEE was represented by its executive vice president Celso Marranzini, and JRC Electronic was represented by company executives Uwe Ganser, Stefan Schwing and Bertrand Schwing. German Ambassador Thomas C. Bruns was also present at the signing ceremony.

Marranzini said that the company would sell power to the CDEE grid at 19.95 US cents per kWh.

Speaking at the event, Schwing highlighted the support the project has received from Celso Marranzini, Enrique Ramirez of the National Energy Commission, and Superintendent of Electricity Juan Bautista Gomez.