Ocoa is a Mecca for greenhouses

The province of San Jose de Ocoa has become a Mecca for greenhouses in the Dominican Republic. According to El Caribe, these greenhouses are responsible for 40% of vegetables grown in the Dominican Republic and one-third of the nation’s production under controlled conditions. More than 50 trucks leave from communities such as Rancho Arriba, La Horma and El Pinal every day. Overall, more than 800,000m2 are under glass in the province and 300,000m2 in the valley. The main products are peppers and tomatoes, and the investment made was in the order of US$20 million. While production is high and exports and local consumption is very important, the owners of some of the larger greenhouse farms complain that these realities have yet to impact on government thinking and they point to the lack of spending on infrastructure in the area, especially the roads.