Asisa poll shows Medina leads Mejia

The announcement made by PLD senator Felix Bautista yesterday that First Lady Margarita Cedeno would be PLD presidential candidate Danilo Medina’s running mate coincided with the results of an Asisa poll that reveals that if the presidential election were held today, PLD presidential candidate Danilo Medina, and the probable vice presidency candidate First Lady Margarita Cedeno would obtain 55% of the votes.

PRD candidate Hipolito Mejia and Luis Abinader would receive 39.6%. The poll results were released at a press conference at the Holiday Inn in Santo Domingo today. 11,530 potential voters were surveyed for the poll from 12 to 16 October.

The poll found that Medina would obtain 48.4% of the vote compared to Mejia’s 46% when running without the First Lady. Medina would obtain 55% to Mejia’s 39.6% when running with the First Lady.

The poll showed that voter preference is divided almost equally between the two parties. 45.4% favor the PRD as the leading party, while 47.8% favor the PLD.

Asisa says that 66.5% of those polled are confident the country’s situation will improve in the near future.

The poll also showed that 47.4% believes that the Leonel Fernandez administration has been better than the Hipolito Mejia administration. 41.9% believes that the Mejia administration was better than the Fernandez administration.