Lots of unanswered questions in airplane theft case

Writing in today’s Listin Diario, Laura Castellanos has a list of questions that Dominicans are asking about the theft of a Beechcraft Kingair airplane from a hangar at the La Isabela International Airport in northern Santo Domingo.

The questions include:

* The criminals had to enter the airport installations, but “what identification or authorization did they have?

* Did they simply enter as if it was their own home?

* They got inside the hangar, but “how did they do it? Was there no follow up to the entry of a couple of persons unknown to a hangar in the middle of the night?

* They turned on the airplane and at that point several more of the questions come up…

* Nobody saw them? Nobody noticed the plane on the runway preparing for takeoff? Nobody saw them take off? There were no security personnel? Where did the pilot come from? Why did the staff at AILA have to notice the irregularity and not those responsible for security at the airport itself? What guarantee is there that no sabotage or loading of drugs or other illicit traffic will occur in an airplane that would take off from there?

She concludes:

“Questions without answers, and we have come a long way from the days of petty theft…”

She ends by asking one last question, referring to the government practice of setting up commissions to investigate events: “Another commission?”