Rosario backs Franklin Frias

After the major squawk over the resignation of the head computer engineer Miguel Angel Garcia at the Central Electoral Board (JCE), its president, Roberto Rosario has presented a personal proposal that he says seeks to ensure that the JCE Computer Center will operate with transparency during the 2012 election process that will end with the proclamation of the next President.

Rosario proposed the creation of an information management team to take charge of the election computations. The team would be composed of a director general, who, according to a Diario Libre source, would be current IT director Franklin Frias, and two deputy directors who would be chosen after consultations with the main political parties.

Although the proposal has not yet been presented to the JCE Plenary, Rosario began to spread the word yesterday by giving PRD president Miguel Vargas Maldonado, vice president Andres Bautista and general secretary Orlando Jorge Mera a copy.

The proposal also suggests that the election results should be transmitted simultaneously to the parties, the media and civil society organizations that function as observers. The JCE president suggested an audit of the voting rolls by an external body.

This suggestion follows the scandal that occurred inside the JCE and the political parties by the resignation of the Administrator General of the Computer Department of the institution, Miguel Angel Garcia, who accused Rosario of trying to take away his role in the election computations so that they could be taken over by Frias as a sort of “parallel administrator.”

Garcia entered the organization when Frias’ work was contested by political parties.

Although the JCE president refused to give the press any details of his proposal, Diario Libre learned through a source that it also included the permanent presence of the technical delegates of the parties at the Computer Center.