Water bottlers closed down

The Ministry of Public Health has closed down 22 companies that processed drinking water in large bottles (5 gallons), small 12 oz. bottles and in plastic bags. The operation covered several provinces of the country after proving that they did not comply with the quality standards required for the sale of bottled water. The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Bautista Rojas Gomez, said that they checked out and evaluated 64 water-processing plants.

The companies that were closed down included “Agua Michelle”, “Agua Salud Zapata”, “Agua del Carmen”, “Agua Fuente de Oro”, “Agua Ambar Azul”, “Agua Alfao”, “Agua Lois”, “Agua Yoli”, “Agua Franco”, “Hielo Aleman”, “Agua Alfa y Omega”, “Agua Caudales del Este”, “Agua Nisi”, “Agua Viva Mas”, all in the province of San Pedro de Macoris. “Agua Onisas” in Puerto Plata, “Agua Pacasa” in San Juan de la Maguana, “Agua Lakez” in Monte Plata, “Agua Enrique” and “Agua Lara” in Nagua, “Agua D’ Oca” and “Agua de Unidad Haina” in San Cristobal were also closed down.