Differences at the JCE

Differences at the Central Electoral Board (JCE) concerning the return of Franklin Frias to direct the computer department continue to make headlines. Diario Libre gives front- page coverage to speculation about the reasons for the imposition of Franklin Frias as director of the JCE computer center. The newspaper reports that judge Eddy Olivares had requested the appointment of a new general IT administration and the replacement of Franklin Frias as director of the Computer Center. But the assembly of judges would have rejected the proposal, and opposed consultations with the political parties for the new appointees.

Olivares said that the confirmation of Frias as head of IT was illegally placed on the assembly agenda and the vote was in violation of the internal ruling. Diario Libre says sources indicate that the assembly ended abruptly, when judges Olivares and Cesar Feliz Feliz left the session, breaking the quorum. Franklin Frias has the support of the JCE president Roberto Rosario. Former director Miguel Angel Garcia resigned after opposing Rosario’s decision to impose Frias as his manager, supposedly as head of IT at the JCE.

On the other hand, El Caribe reports that the JCE president Roberto Rosario is proposing that the JCE IT Department should be made up by three members of the same hierarchy who would be chosen by consensus of the political parties but should not have political commitments. Rosario says that his proposal seeks to resolve the impasse after Miguel Angel Garcia’s resignation.

But judge Eddy Olivares says this proposal violates JCE institutionalism. As reported in Hoy, he criticized the JCE’s president’s apparent interest in maintaining engineer Franklin Frias at the head of the computer center.

“That headstrong attitude of maintaining Franklin Frias at the computer center above all sense of rationality, puts the JCE at risk that not even the party that receives the lowest vote count in the 20 May 2012 election will want to accept the results that come from a department headed by an official who was questioned since the 2003 elections to date,” said Olivares, as reported in Hoy.