Transport costs more than tuition for many at UASD

A report in today’s Listin Diario points out that public school graduates pay only RD$6 per credit at the state university, so a semester consisting of six subjects costs RD$1,626 for the entire medical degree, if all subjects are passed. The degree consists of 271 credits. To study communications, which consists of 197 credits, the cost would be RD$1,182. A student from a private high school will pay RD$2,955 for the same degree. On average students at the UASD pay about RD$200 per month, less than their transport costs.

The tariff at the UASD is RD$6 per credit if they are from a public school, RD$15 if they are from a private school with a rate up to RD$50 and RD$25 per credit if paying more than RD$501 a month. The scale increases until a maximum of RD$100 for students paying more than RD$2,001 a month from a private school. The entire medical degree would cost RD$27,100, plus about RD$1,000 in other charges.