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Salvador Vasallo exhibition

On Thursday, 8 December at 7:30pm Quinta Dominica will be inaugurating an exhibition of works by Salvador Vassallo at Padre Billini 202 in Santo Domingo’s Colonial City. Vasallo studied interior decorating at the UNPHU, but his inclination to the arts came from studying under maestros Gilberto Hernandez Ortega, Candido Bido, Ada Balcacer and Antonio Prats-Ventos. He works in wood, steel, marble, iron and perspex and in his short career has held eight individual exhibitions in the DR and over 20 collective exhibits in the DR and abroad. A monumental sculpture by Vasallo is on display at the University of Lowell, in Massachusetts, USA, and several of his works are in Mexico, Spain and several US states. In this exhibition, Cardumen (School of Fish), Vasallo presents his personal version of the beauty of Caribbean fish with their incredible shapes, colors, lights and designs.