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Two memorable Xmas concerts

Plan on attending the Christmas choir concerts at the National Theater and the Cathedral of Santo Domingo.

The traditional Christmas carol concert, Luz del Mundo (Light of the World) is the first with a recital on Thursday, 8 December at 8pm at the theater esplanade. The 90 voices of the choirs of Banreservas, Edad Dorada and A Voces directed by Mayra Peguero will bring the Christmas spirit alive. The program includes traditional Christmas songs from around the world and many popular Dominican Christmas songs. Soloists include several lyric singers, Maryam de Soto, Pura Tayson, Elvira de Leon, Luis Guillermo Puello and Arturo Lamarche. They will be accompanied by panists Elionai Medina and Anton Fustier and percussionists Rafael Diaz and Jose Luis Urena. Admission is free.

The choir of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo will be singing at 8pm sharp on Christmas Day. But to get into that one, it is essential to arrive around 6:30pm-7pm, because of the small seating capacity of the Cathedral. Giant screens are set up outside for enjoying the music in the ambience of the old city. The concert of the Cathedral includes several traditional religious Christmas songs, world favorites and often also features a world premiere of a Dominican Christmas song. It is part of the Christmas tradition for many Dominican families.