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Hotel El Pedernal, newest option in Pedernales

Travelers visiting Bahia de las Aguilas, the Bay of the Eagles where one can see a white sand Caribbean beach untouched by flora changes brought by European settlers, or Hoyo de Pelempito (Pelempito Drop), a vertical valley surrounded by pines, in the Dominican far west, now have a new place to stay. The USAID-DSTA Alliance for Sustainable Tourism funded the hotel’s refurbishment under its Destination Funds program. USAID contributed RD$2.4 million to the Foundation for the Integral Development of the Community of Pedernales (Fundacipe), which provided an equal amount in collateral funds. The funds were invested in improving the existing facilities, building a cafeteria, renovating the hotel’s electricity and plumbing systems and providing new furnishings for the rooms. Brochures were printed for Fundacipe’s Nature Interpretation Center next to its arts and crafts shop on the premises. A program for training hotel staff was coordinated with the Sustainable Tourism Cluster of Pedernales. The 13-room hotel is located in the city of Pedernales. It has nine doubles and four suites, as well as a meeting room with audiovisual equipment with capacity for 30 people.

Pedernales is one of 10 tourism destinations where the USAID-DSTA program has made contributions. The USAID support to tourism programs will continue in 2012 with technical assistance by way of the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium.