Police arrest three assailants of Haitian Minister

Foreign Minister Carlos Morales Troncoso expressed the government’s condemnation of a robbery on the Duarte Highway on Thursday after arriving to Santiago’s Cibao International Airport. The Chief of Police, Major General Jose Armando Polanco Gomez announced the arrest of three men who allegedly took part in the robbery of Haitian Minister of Haitians Living Abroad Daniel Supplice and his family on the Duarte Highway while traveling to Santo Domingo to attend a relative’s wedding. Supplice is the Minister for Haitian Foreign Affairs and is a well-known acquaintance of President Fernandez. Listin Diario quotes the Police as saying that the gang included a member of the police, a former member of the force and a civilian. The Police announcement said that the three were caught in the act near Kilometer 13 of the Duarte Highway, near the entrance to Punal, in Santiago province. The gang had robbed several travelers between the Cibao Airport and the city. They were found with cell phones, laptops and cameras, all allegedly stolen from their victims.