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Body Worlds the exhibition open at Agora Mall

Gunther von Hagens’ leading international exhibition Body Worlds is open at Agora Mall in Santo Domingo until the end of February. Described as life changing, this exhibit has visited more than 70 cities worldwide and has been seen by more than 35 million people. Especially educational, children and adults can see for themselves, for instance, how smoking affects the lungs. Tickets range from RD$795 (fast pass), RD$595 regular adults to RD$395 for children, and RD$350 for school groups. They can be purchased online at bodyworldsrd.com or at Uepa Tickets in MovieMax off La Cadena supermarket on Abraham Lincoln Avenue.

This must-see exhibition was created by a scientist, Dr Gunther von Hagens, to show the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the human body through anatomical studies of the body in distress, disease and optimal health.

More than 200 plastinates – specimens preserved through ‘plastination’, which is a process of preserving human tissue, teach the visitors about the human body in penetrating detail in many different ways.

The exhibition enables visitors to witness the arc of ageing – the body living through time from the spark of conception to old age – refracted through the latest findings in longevity and ageing science. “The older I get, the more I realize that death is normal and that it is life that is exceptional,” said Dr von Hagens. “I hope this exhibition will encourage people to strive to live with inspiration every day throughout their lives.”