74-year old sent to jail in Solano killing case

Jose Alejandro Vargas, a judge in the National District has sent Antonio Solano de la Rosa to La Victoria jail for six months preventive custody, as reported in Listin Diario. He is accused of killing his nephew, Carlos Julio Solano on Christmas Eve. This gives the Public Prosecution office time to complete their investigation.

The judge made his decision following a request by the victim’s family, even though de la Rosa’s lawyer Miguel Luciano appealed to the court that his client was 74 years old and should just be placed under house arrest or released on bail.

The defendant said that on the day in question he was walking on Juana Saltitopa street and was hit by a car, and fell onto the pavement. When he stood up he saw someone running away so he shot him in the back in legitimate self-defense.