Electricity for Christmas was a short-lived blessing

Following improved services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the electricity grid collapsed on Wednesday 26 December, with a deficit of 700 megawatts, leading to power outages across the country with only 10 generators working out of a total of 36.

The generators available were AES Andres with 300 megawatts, Los Mina 5 and 6 with 105 each, Barahona Carbon 44, La Vega 90, Palamara 102, Monte Rio 99, and Juancho Lo Cocos I, 8 megawatts.

According to the Dominican State Electricity Company (CDEEE), there was constant supply over the two days of Christmas with only two outages in Barahona and Azua that were quickly resolved.

Nevertheless residents in Arroyo Hondo Viejo in Santo Domingo complained that their electricity was off for five hours on Christmas Eve, which had never happened before in the 24-hour circuit.