Ex President Leonel Fernandez celebrates birthday

Former President Leonel Fernandez celebrated his 59th birthday yesterday, Wednesday 26 December, saying that it was better than when he was President as people came to congratulate him as a friend and not because he was President.

He said that when he was younger he thought that 59 was old but now he thought it was young, and that life was passing by very quickly, hence the need to do as much as possible and help those he could.

He went on to say he had always had excellent health throughout his life, with just the occasional cold.

Having won three democratic elections, Fernandez’s popularity is at an all-time low after it was revealed that he left his successor, the Danilo Medina administration and Dominicans a fiscal deficit of more than RD$200 billion, plus top international rankings for wasteful spending and corrupt government. A November Penn, Schoen & Berland poll shows that only 22% of Dominicans considered Fernandez’s last government (2008-2012) a good or very good one.