Government payroll nearly RD$10 billion a month

The government payroll, including pensions as of November this year included 626,563 people including the central and decentralized government offices and departments, as reported in Diario Libre. Of the total, 531,532 are active and 95,031 are retired civilians who together receive RD$9.68 billion of taxpayer money. Retired government employees receive RD$824.8 million, with the central government actual payroll at RD$5.96 billion.

The Dominican Republic has more that 480 state entities including 144 local and municipal governments.

According to figures from the General Comptroller’s Office, central government has 473,121 employees, with the Ministry of Education having the highest number at 114,977 followed by the Public Health Ministry with 60,603 and then the Armed Forces with 54,842 active members.

The decentralized government sector has 153,442 people on payroll as of September 2012, with a payroll of RD$2.89 billion.

Of the decentralized government institutions, the Banco de Reservas has the most employees, with 7,531. Customs follows with 5,388, Attorney General’s office with 5,520, National Institute of Hydrological Resources (Indrhi) 4,889, the local government of the National District, 4,409, Santiago local government, 3,294 and Santo Domingo East local government with 3,330.