Milly and Tono at Teatro La Fiesta

Milly Quezada and Tono Rosario come together for a night of merengue on Saturday, 29 December at the Hotel Jaragua’s Teatro La Fiesta in Santo Domingo. This is your chance to enjoy the most popular tunes like “La guacherna,” “Volvio Juanita,” “Amanecemos parrandeando,” “Noche Buena,” “En esta navidad,” “Lo gozadera,” “A mi gente,” “Abreme la puerta” for the best of the Christmas and New Year spirit. There will be guest performances by comedians Carlos Alfredo Fatule and Kenny Grullon. Producer Pedro Nunez del Risco says that for the show everyone can pretend it is New Year’s Eve. Tickets are for sale at ticket.com.do for RD$1,000, RD$1,500, RD$2,00 and RD$2,500 or at the Hotel Jaragua.