2014: Year to Overcome Illiteracy

The Presidency has designated 2014 as the Year of Overcoming Illiteracy by Decree 375-13 released yesterday, Thursday 26 December. The National Literacy Plan has sought to eradicate illiteracy in the country. Pedro Luis Castellanos, who coordinates the national team that oversees the program at the Presidency, said that 505,518 people are taking part in the literacy groups, and they expect to have more than 270,000 graduates this year. Most will continue their studies. Castellanos said that 33,793 teachers are working in the program and that their target for the end of 2014 is for 851,396 people to benefit from the national campaign to rid the nation of illiteracy. He said in January and February a major drive will take place to identify and register all people who do not know how to read and write, in order to add them to the available programs.

Minister of Education Carlos Amarante Baret said that every government has its pet issues for making their mark and President Medina has chosen education to be the mark of his four-year government.