Who will take the lead of the PLD?

A political analysis piece in El Dia examines the covert battle underway between supporters of President Danilo Medina and followers of party strongman and former President Leonel Fernandez for control of the ruling PLD. The party is led by former President Leonel Fernandez, who also masterminded the selection of the incumbents who control the legislative and judicial branches of government. After banning consecutive re-election into the 2010 Constitution, Fernandez can run for power again in 2016. Luis Garcia says that the upcoming 26 January congress will decide the party’s leadership in future years. On 12 January, the party will choose 166 new members of the influential Central Committee and eight Political Committee members who will wield a major influence on the opinions and actions of the leading PLD members. Then the members of the party will choose another 30 members for the Central Committee who will be sworn in during the VIII Comandante Norge Botello Fernandez Congress that is being held with the slogan, “To Serve the Party is to Serve the People.”