Gerardo Ramirez is new Church liaison with government

The Medina administration (decree 486-14) has appointed Father Gerardo Ramirez Paniagua as the new liaison between the Catholic Church and the government. Father Ramirez was the chaplain of the Presidential Palace.

Earlier this month, Father Manuel Ruiz resigned following his disagreement with the President’s position on abortion. Ruiz is remembered for heading a press conference that defended the innocence of papal nuncio Josef Wesolowski after he was accused of pedophilia.

Monsignor Gregorio Nicanor Pena Rodriguez said that the priest would continue to coordinate the position of the Catholic Church that rejects any kind of abortion. In a recent revision of the Penal Code, the Congress approved abortion in cases where the mother’s life was at risk, as proven by scientific and technical means.

The post of liaison comes with an SUV, driver, insurance, wage, gasoline allowance, check signing on projects approved by the President, parking at the Presidency, and an office at the Presidency, as Ruiz had made known in his letter of resignation.

Designan sacerdote Gerardo Ramírez nuevo enlace entre Iglesia Católica y Gobierno