Flights and passengers increase during the year

A total of 98,088 flights touched down in the Dominican Republic during 2015, representing a 4.02% increase over 2014 when there were 94,296.

According to the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), passenger numbers also increased to 12,342,081. This growth is attributed to an increase in tourism.

IDAC director general Alejandro Herrera listed several other government measures such as better roads, promotion of the country and bilateral agreements along with improvements to aeronautical infrastructure as contributory factors to the increase in air traffic.

International commercial flight operations have increased by 20% from 2012 to 2015 along with a 22% increase in the number of passengers over the same period.

The airport with the largest number of flights and passengers is Punta Cana, followed by Las Americas (Santo Domingo). Other airports have also seen increases in passengers over the year, with 6.68% in Santiago, 3.16% in Puerto Plata and 6.97% in Samana.

RD registra más de 98 mil vuelos y 12 millones de pasajeros en 2015