Haitians deported to the DR

According to the Migration Department (DGM) and intelligence and security forces at the Las Americas International Airport, over the past two months more than 300 Haitians have been returned to the country from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, all of which are countries Dominicans can travel to without a visa.

Most of the Haitians had entered the Dominican Republic on legal visas although some had crossed the border illegally. In addition, in several cases, Haitians have paid for private jets and flown from Las Americas to then connect with flights to Panama, Venezuela and Colombia as jump off points for traveling on to countries where they wished to settle.

Upon their arrival at Las Americas, the returnees are met by Migration officials who take them back to the border for repatriation to Haiti.

It has also been reported that the number of Venezuelans entering the country on a daily basis has grown to enormous proportions, with around seven flights a day coming in. They arrive laden with alcoholic beverages, chocolates, cigars and other articles for businesses based in Santo Domingo and Boca Chica as well as other places, and many also stay to set up businesses in the Dominican Republic.

Cinco países echan haitianos hacia RD