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Health tourism targets Caribbean citizens

The Cedimat medical center and Pawa Dominicana airline have signed an alliance to promote medical tourism in the Dominican Republic, to capitalize on the perceived high demand from the Caribbean islands. They are focusing on the markets of Aruba, Curacao, Anguilla and St. Marteen/St. Martin. The DR aims to compete with established medical tourism giants such as Colombia, the US and Mexico. Cedimat medical director Luis Betances said that Cedimat was a pioneer in executive health plans that allow for comprehensive medical checkups and offered more competitive prices and fast access to medical care than other countries. He said the proximity to the Caribbean islands makes the DR an attractive alternative for their residents to consider the DR as an option for the medical needs. The Ministry of Tourism has its own medical tourism department, directed by Wendy Sanchez.

RD impulsa turismo de salud pacientes procedentes de Las Antillas