Big bonus money to many Dominican emerging ball players

The San Diego Padres agreed to draft 16-year old shortstop Luis Almanzar for US$4 million on 2 July 2016. Almanzar said that now is when his work begins, because his dream does not end there, only the start of a great future. Almanzar is a product of the Academia Jesus en Accion directed by Ivan Noboa and the Liga Deportiva Cristian Pimentel.

Another to receive a big MLB bonus was Yasel Antuna, signed by the Washington Nationals for US$3.9 million in signing bonus money. Shortstop Yunior Severino, was signed by the Atlanta Braves for US$1.9 million, and fielder Jeison Rosario for US$1.85 million with the San Diego Padres.

Also Dominican shortstop, Luis Garcia, got a deal worth US$1.3 million.

Padres Interested in Dominican Youngster Luis Almanzar