First baby with microcephaly reported in Barahona

The Ministry of Public Health has confirmed the birth of a child with head malformation, including microcephaly. The mother has denied having had Zika. But the physician who attended her reports a transitory rash on the abdomen of the mother during the 8-10 weeks of the pregnancy. Nevertheless, otherwise the symptoms of Zika were not identified in any of her six prenatal appointments at a primary care unit.

The baby was born at the Jaime Mota Public Hospital of Barahona to a 27-year old mother resident in La Descubierta, Independencia province. The baby weighed 3 pounds 12 ounces.

In a press release, Minister of Public Health Altagracia Guzman said that health investigators are seeking to establish the possible causes of the microcephaly and have not ruled out Zika, or Torch group sicknesses (toxoplasmosis, rubeola, citomegalovirus, herpes, VIH, among others).

Nace un bebé con microcefalia en la provincia Barahona