Anniversary of the death of Sanchez

Yesterday, 4 July 2016 was the 155th anniversary of the execution by firing squad of the founding father, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez.

Del Rosario Sanchez, was born in Santo Domingo on 9 March 1817 and was said patriotic, honest, brave, fearless and ingenious. He proclaimed Independence of the country at the Conde Gate on 27 February 1844.

In 1859 he was arrested and exiled for the third time and was taken to the St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, where he began his fight against eh annexation of the Dominican Republic. In January 1861, he published his manifesto to regenerate the country and began his invasion of the Dominican Republic along with other revolutionaries on 1 June 1861. He was arrested on the orders of Pedro Santana and condemned to death by firing squad.

On 4 July at 4 PM, he was shot in the cemetery at San Juan de la Maguana. His remains are in the Mausoleum in Independence Park in the Colonial Zone along with the other two founding fathers, Juan Pablo Duarte and Matias Ramon Mella.

Hoy se conmemora el 155 aniversario del fusilamiento del patricio Francisco del Rosario Sánchez