Drug traffickers arrested in Boston

Two men who traveled to Boston from the Dominican Republic have been charged with trafficking in cocaine and conspiracy to violate drug laws after customs agents discovered multiple packages of cocaine worth approximately US$200,000 in their possession.

According to Massachusetts State Police, the two men, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, arrived at Logan Airport just after 10 am Saturday 2 July 2016.

The first man had a rollerbag that was unusually heavy and screeners noticed the bottom of the bag was thicker and more rigid than similar bags. Agents used an x-ray machine to investigate, and later opened it up to discover two flat rectangular plastic-wrapped packages concealed within the bag’s lining that contained 3 kilograms of a white powder that tested positive for cocaine.

A short time later, a second man from Allentown, who was in possession of an identical type of rollerbag, was in the process of being screened when he began displaying signs of nervousness. All of the bag’s contents were removed, and investigators noticed another three kilograms of cocaine hidden in the bag’s liner.

Both men, who were not identified by authorities, were arrested and are currently being held without bail.